switching power supply plugs

Power plug is also called the power cord plug, English is plug. power used in various fields, various countries. General power plug only connected on the power cord can be used, according to the power plug the use is not the same, the power cord plug can be used in the 125V, 36V, 250V voltage, according to the difference of the current can be used in 13A, 10A, 16A, 5A, 2.5A.
Power plug can be divided into the conversion power supply plug, injection power plug and power supply plug.
Switching power plug: the power source plug standard for each country is different, for example, China’s power plug to the United States, it can not be used, it is necessary to need a conversion plug to complete the conversion. So you need to convert the power plug. The power plug is the plug of a national standard to be converted into a power plug for another national standard.
Injection power plug: injection plug is the plug and line through high temperature, high pressure, once formed, it can not be installed, so the power plug is very clear, stable, safe. On the market, the general circulation of the power supply is more than 80% of the plug.
Assembly power plug: the plug is the power cord and plug connection through the screw, but in the use of the process can be installed, so that the power of the power plug. For example, in the UK market there is a large proportion of the use of such an assembly power plug
Power plug generally can be divided into 2 core power plug, 3 core power plug and multi core power plug.
2 core power plug: 2 core power plug as the name suggests is two in sheet or a two pin, in particular in tablets or pins, each country is not the same as the standard, such as China is two insert, Europe is two round needle plug.
Three core plug: three core plug as the name suggests is plugs have three insert or three pins or is two insert or add two pins of a grounding hole. Such a structure than the core power plug complex, what standard size and diameter of pin are required and the distance between the length and the pin are considered.
Multi core power plug: this multi core power plug on the more complex, what 4 core power plug, 5 core power plug what, according to customer requirements, the use of which specific devices are based on real situation to consider.

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