Power supply with battery backup

The structure of multi output switching power supply with backup battery
In the normal condition of the city, the city’s power supply and auxiliary power supply of the multi – channel isolated output switching power supply. Multi output switching power supply output switching power supply, power supply requirements for different load, can design the corresponding multi output switching power supply, which is the same as the main circuit of power supply. At the same time, the auxiliary power supply is also the power supply of the power supply to the power supply. In the case of the city, the charge / controller for the battery charging, the battery charging, charging / controller for the battery to float charging / controller for the boost circuit to provide power, so that the work, the output set of high voltage DC power.
When the power failure of the city due to fault, auxiliary power. Because the boost circuit output high voltage DC power, and even the electrolytic capacitor, so it can be separated from the output switch power supply. At this point, the battery immediately into the work, for the boost circuit power supply. The battery is limited by its capacity and can not be unlimited power supply, so the charge / controller to continuously detect the battery voltage state, when the voltage is low to a certain value (generally 25, 1.8 V), the charge / controller will stop the battery load, so as to avoid the battery life ahead of discharge. In order to guarantee the safe operation of the load of the multi output switching power supply, the charge / controller is cut off by the external communication interface and the signal is transmitted to the control circuit of the load in the multi-channel isolation output switch power supply. Such a charge / controller can be safely disconnected from the battery, while the MCU in the charge / controller is shut down all the possible power consumption of the circuit, and the power consumption is further reduced. When the city is back to normal, the multi-channel isolated output switch power supply starts to work, while the auxiliary power supply works, the charge / controller starts to charge the battery, the boost circuit also starts to work.
If the battery starts working in the city after the power failure, the electric power is back to normal, the battery will be stopped immediately for the boost circuit, and the charging / controller starts to charge the battery. The electric energy of the battery is always in the backup function, and in the normal state of the city, the charge / controller can replenish its energy storage or keep its capacity in the maximum state.

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