open frame switching power supply

Open Frame (PCB) Type Switching Power Supply (Families: PM, NFM, MPS, MPD, MPT, MPQ, RPS, RPD, RPT, PS, PD, PT, PQ, PPS, PPT, PPQ, ASP, PID, LPS, LPP, EPS, ELP, EPP)

An open frame (PCB) type switching power supply is a power supply designed to be integrated or installed into a system enclosure. Mean Well’s open frame (PCB) type power supplies include on board, general PCB, green PCB, and medical PCB types.

Installation (1)Before commencing any installation or maintenance work, please disconnect your system from the utility. Ensure that it cannot be re‐connected inadvertently! (2)At least 5mm insulation distance on the bottom of the unit should be kept and a Mylar film should be added between the unit and the system. In addition, keep enough insulation distance, 10mm for general type/15mm for medical type, around the unit. (3)Power supplies greater than 120W may require a forced air/fan for cooling. Please refer to specifications to receive a minimum air intensity and air‐flow direction. (4)Allow good ventilation for the unit in use to prevent it from overheating. Also, a 10‐15 cm clearance must be kept when the adjacent device is a heat source. (5)Mounting orientations other than standard orientation or operate under high ambient temperature may increase the internal component temperature and will require a de‐rating in output current. Please refer to the specification sheets to receive the optimum mounting position and information about the de‐rating curve. (6)Recommended wires are shown as below. AWG 18 16 14 12 10 8 Rated Current of Equipment (Amp) 6A 6‐10A 10‐16A 16‐25A 25‐32A 32‐40A Cross‐section of Lead(mm2 ) 0.75 1.00 1.5 2.5 4 6 Note:Current each wire carries should be de‐rated to 80% of the current suggested above when using 5 or more wires connected to the unit. (7)For other information about the products, please refer to for details.

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