• Step1

Try this device by another power socket in another room.

  • Step 2 :Please donot connect this line. To see if it still goes off or not?If it doesnot go off, then please test the steps as follows; if it still goes off , then it is not the problem of the power supply itself. (You may find the problem by yourself. In other means, our device is ok.)


After the step 2 , the power doesnot go off, then do the test as follows. Step 3: To test the input (L , N , pole) does or doesnot leakage to the shell. If not, it device is ok.

(From the right to left, the third screw is connected to the shell

  • Step 4: To test the output part does or doesnot leakage to the shell. And if it doesnot, then the device is ok.
  • if step 2,3,4,5 is ok, to do the Step 6, then open the shell.

Step 7: Test this part is connected to the shell or not? If it is connected to the shell,



(When you can test the resistance is small,)  then please take this part(blue insulating strip) out of the power supply to see if it is broken.) and if not, it is ok.


  • Step 9:

It is important, to open the shell, to see if this part (the switching point, or the black part) is on the left side of the power supply or not, if it is on the left, then it is ok. If not, please make it to the left of the device.

  • To test as all the steps separately as above one by one , then you can find the problem, if not, please send us the device asap. Do remember, to test the following step in individual. You may find the problem. To follow as the pictures do.

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