Double power supply automatic switch is refers to a controlled by a microprocessor for grid system net power and electric or electric network and power generator start switching device, can make a continuous source of power supply. A series of dual power supply, when the power of a sudden failure or power failure, through the dual power switch, automatically put into standby power, (small load of standby power can also be supplied by the generator,) so that the equipment can still run normally. The most common is the elevator, fire control, monitoring, lighting, etc..
Dual power switch electrical appliance (converting switch) converts one or several load circuit from one source to another. By one (or a few) conversion switch electrical appliances and other necessary electrical components, to monitor the power supply circuit, and one or several load circuit from a power supply automatically converted to another power source. Electric industry is referred to as “dual power automatic conversion switch” or “dual power switch”. The national standard of ATS products is defined as a (or several) switch electrical apparatus and other necessary electrical components for detecting power supply circuit, and one or more load circuit from one power to another power supply, ATS is suitable for the construction field fire and other key load power supply, EPS is suitable for EPS is to solve the emergency lighting, accident lighting, fire facilities and other load power supply equipment as the main goal, to provide an emergency power supply system with independent loop specifications. UPS is mainly for the IT industry equipment to provide electricity, to provide a clean, uninterrupted power supply. Diesel generator power supply mode is suitable for the use of EPS, UPS and ATS in the power supply place with long time standby power supply.

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