Power supply for DRC-100 series 100W track type control (with charging output)

Mingwei has been listed on the DRC-40 and DRC-60 series has been widely is used for ankong field and get a warm market response and positive evaluation. In order to meet the demand for ankong industry higher wattage, Mingwei in this family again to push up on the power, the introduction of new 100W high trust of track type (DIN rail ankong power DRC-100 series. This product is suitable for installation in TS-35/7.5 ankong internal chassis or TS-35/15 guide can accept 90~264VAC input voltage and has 13.8VDC and 27.6VDC two kinds of output voltage can be matched to a common market with 12V and 24V battery, a user can easily construct a control system of DC UPS function, especially suitable for application in must consider AC power is needed for the normal operation of the system, such as safety control system, emergency lighting system, alarm system, DC electric system, central monitoring system and access control systems.
Product characteristics:
The maximum working efficiency is 89%
No fan design, natural cooling
Working temperature: -30~+70
Warning signal: OK AC and battery low voltage (relay type)
Protection function: short circuit protection, over load protection, over voltage protection, battery low voltage cut-off, fuse by
Through UL/CUL/TUV/CB/CE certification
Dimensions (width x Height x deep) 90x 100mm:55x
3 year warranty period

The switching frequency of switching power supply

The switching frequency is said that the inverter output voltage is actually a series of pulses, pulse width and spacing are not equal. The value depends on the intersection of the wave and the carrier. The higher the switching frequency, the more the number of pulses in a cycle, the smoother the current waveform is better, but the more interference to other devices.
Nonlinear power supply, switching power supply frequency is generally greater than 20KHZ, because to avoid the sound frequency 20KHZ, the market common frequency in 50KHZ–150KHZ, generally in the 60KHZ–90KHZ, more than the 100KHZ frequency of the power supply of the switch tube requirements to be high, the cost is high, so the general will be controlled within 100KHZ
Nonlinear power supply, switching power supply frequency is generally greater than 20KHZ, because to avoid the sound frequency 20KHZ, the market common frequency in 50KHZ–150KHZ, generally in the 60KHZ–90KHZ, more than the 100KHZ frequency of the power supply of the switch tube requirements to be high, the cost is high, so the general will be controlled within 100KHZ

Generation mechanism and Countermeasures of switching power supply EMC

Classification and standard of EMC:
EMC (Compatibility Electromagnetic) is an electromagnetic compatibility, which includes EMI (electromagnetic disturbance) and EMS (electromagnetic anti harassment). EMC is defined as the ability of a device or system to work properly in its electromagnetic environment and not to constitute an electromagnetic disturbance that is not capable of any device in the environment. EMC the entire call is electromagnetic compatibility. EMP is an electromagnetic pulse.
EMC = EMI + EMI EMS: electromagnetic interference EMS: electromagnetic compatibility (immunity)
EMI can be divided into two parts, which are Conduction and Radiation. The Conduction specification can be divided into: Part 15J Class B CISPR; FCC 22 (EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN55022) B Class; IT (GB17625, GB13837) and AV (GB17625, GB9254). FCC test frequency in 450K-30MHz, CISPR 22 test frequency in 150K–30MHz, Conduction can use the spectrum analyzer test, Radiation will have to go to a special laboratory testing.
EN55022 is Test Conduction & Test Radiation (conduction & radiation testing); EN61000-3-2 is Test Harmonic (power supply harmonic test); EN61000-3-3 is Test Flicker (voltage fluctuation test).
CISPR22 (Special des Purturbations Radioelectrique Comite) is applied to the information technology. It is suitable for European and Asian regions; EN55022 is the European standard, Part FCC 15 (Communications Commission Federal) is applied to the United States, EN30220 European EMI testing standards, power radiation testing standards are EN55013 frequency in 30MHZ-300MHz.
EN55011 radiation testing standards are: some of the high frequency requirements, some of the low frequency requirements. Conduction (150KHZ-30MHZ) to the LISN mainly is the differential current mode and the common mode impedance for a 100 ohm (50 + 50); LISN is mainly the common mode current and the total circuit impedance for 25 ohms (50 / 50).
4 line 60dB/uV 150KHZ-2MHZ start 9KHZ AV
5 line 100dB/uV 150KHZ-3MHZ PEAK
6 line 100dB/uV 2MHZ-30MHZ PEAK
7 line 70dB/uV 150KHZ-500KHZ QP
Radiated (30MHZ-1GHZ): 4N7/250V Y CAP 90dB/uV 30MHZ-300MHZ ADD
EMI is an electromagnetic interference, EMI is a part of the EMC, EMI (Magnetic Interference Electronic) electromagnetic interference, EMI including conduction, radiation, current harmonics, voltage flicker, etc.. The electromagnetic interference is caused by the interference source, coupling path and the receiver is composed of three parts of the three elements, usually called interference. EMI linear proportional to the current, the current loop area and the square of the frequency: K*I*S*F2 = EMI. I is a current, S is the circuit area, F is the frequency, K is a constant with the circuit board material and other factors.
EMI refers to the external electromagnetic interference. Generally divided into two levels of A Class & B Class. A Class for industrial grade, B Class for the civilian level. Civil to be more stringent than the industry, because of the industrial use of the allowable radiation a little big. Requirements products also products in the EMI test radiation test, in 30-230MHz class B radiation value cannot be more than 40dbm and class a request can not be more than 50dbm (to three meters anechoic chamber, for example) relative to loose the limits, generally class A is that the EMI test conditions under, without intervention from the operator, equipment can according to expected to continue normal work, not allowed to appear below specified levels of performance performance degradation or loss of functionality.
EMI is a normal operation of the equipment to measure its radiation and conduction. At the time of testing, EMI’s radiation and conduction in the receiver has two caps, representing the A Class and B Class, if the observed waveform is more than B line but below the A line, then the product is a class A. EMS is used to test equipment for product interference, observe whether the product can work normally, if the normal work or does not appear to exceed the performance of the standard, for a class. Can automatically restart and restart does not exceed the performance of the standard provisions of the decline in performance for the B class. No need to restart automatically restart C, hang D. The national standard of D level, EN only A, C, B. EMI at work frequency of the odd number is the most difficult.
EMS (Suseeptibilkr Electmmagnetic) is commonly known as the electromagnetic sensitivity of electromagnetic immunity, is the ability to resist external disturbance of the device, EMI is the device’s external harassment.
EMS levels are: A Class, the test is completed after the device is still in normal work; B Class, the test is completed or the test needs to be restarted after the normal work; C Class, the need for human adjustment can be normal to restart and normal work; D Class, the device has been damaged, no matter how the adjustment can not be started. Strictly EMI is B>A, EMS is A>B>C>D.

The design of switching power supply transformer

Switching power supply transformer is the power transformer, which is added to the switch management. In the use, not only has the function of the ordinary transformer’s voltage transformation, but also has the function of the insulation isolation and power transmission. In the switching power supply and other occasions involving the use of high frequency circuit is widely used. Switching power supply transformer design is very important to the use of the switching power supply, suitable design can make the switch power supply transformer better to control the current, the design method is not reasonable to the use of switching power supply transformer
The main materials of the switching power supply transformer are: insulation materials, wire materials, magnetic materials. Switch power transformer with the switch tube together constitute the self-excited or his excited intermittent oscillator, the DC voltage modulated into a high frequency pulse voltage and finally to energy transfer and conversion. When the switch is switched on, the transformer converts the electric energy into a magnetic field to store it, and when the switch is cut off, it is released. In the forward circuit, when the switch is turned on, the input voltage is supplied directly to the load and the energy stored in the energy storage inductor. When the switch is cut off, the energy transfer is carried out by the energy storage inductor. More simply, the role of the switching power supply transformer is to convert the input DC voltage into the low pressure needed in our use.
In the design of the structure of the switching power supply transformer, we should consider the following points, leakage magnetic must be small so that the leakage inductance of the winding can be reduced. In the structure design to make it easy to winding and lead the way so that the transformer is not only simple and convenient, but also for the maintenance and production of the transformer is very helpful. In the design of a reasonable plan, so that the voltage can have sufficient space and function for cooling. If the design of switching power supply transformer on the full consideration of the above factors, then this design can make the switch power transformer more secure, more durable life.
In the design of switching mode power supply transformer when the material choice is very important, and in the choice of core is switch in power transformer, according to the choice of switching power supply transformer use different materials are also different. For use in the us the most extensive core is iron, manganese, and zinc oxide core used in the power supply input filter is used to high permeability core. Because of the low price of soft ferrite, good adaptation and high frequency performance, it is widely used today.
Switching power supply transformer design has certain requirements, these requirements can make it achieve the best use effect. The first is that the leakage inductance is small, because the voltage spike of the switch is connected with the size of the voltage spike, the circuit condition, the collector circuit configuration and the leakage inductance. Secondly to avoid transient saturation, in instantaneous electrical transformer core serious saturation will produce great surge current, in a very short period of time may cause the switch tube damage, generally in actual use will install soft start circuit to solve the problem. The effect of temperature is also considered in the design.
The detection method is very important in the use of the switching power supply transformer. In the detection, it can be seen whether there is an abnormal phenomenon, and the insulation of the switch power transformer is tested by the test. The above is a small series of switching power supply transformer is a brief introduction, we want to help group.

Dual power supply

Double power supply automatic switch is refers to a controlled by a microprocessor for grid system net power and electric or electric network and power generator start switching device, can make a continuous source of power supply. A series of dual power supply, when the power of a sudden failure or power failure, through the dual power switch, automatically put into standby power, (small load of standby power can also be supplied by the generator,) so that the equipment can still run normally. The most common is the elevator, fire control, monitoring, lighting, etc..
Dual power switch electrical appliance (converting switch) converts one or several load circuit from one source to another. By one (or a few) conversion switch electrical appliances and other necessary electrical components, to monitor the power supply circuit, and one or several load circuit from a power supply automatically converted to another power source. Electric industry is referred to as “dual power automatic conversion switch” or “dual power switch”. The national standard of ATS products is defined as a (or several) switch electrical apparatus and other necessary electrical components for detecting power supply circuit, and one or more load circuit from one power to another power supply, ATS is suitable for the construction field fire and other key load power supply, EPS is suitable for EPS is to solve the emergency lighting, accident lighting, fire facilities and other load power supply equipment as the main goal, to provide an emergency power supply system with independent loop specifications. UPS is mainly for the IT industry equipment to provide electricity, to provide a clean, uninterrupted power supply. Diesel generator power supply mode is suitable for the use of EPS, UPS and ATS in the power supply place with long time standby power supply.