The direction of switching power supply

Switching power supply is the development direction of high frequency, high reliability,low power, low noise, interference and modular. The key technology for switching power supply light, small, thin is high frequency, the switching power supplymanufacturers are committed to the development of new high intelligent synchronouscomponents, especially the improvement of two rectifier of the loss, and in the power ferrite (Mn  Zn) materials to increase the scientific and technological innovation, to improve the high frequency and larger magnetic flux density (Bs) under high magnetic properties, and the small capacitor is also a key technology. The application of SMT technology makes the switching power supply has made considerable progress, both sides in the circuit board layout components, to ensure that the switching power supply light, small, thin. High frequency switching power supply for innovation is boundto the traditional PWM switching technology, soft switching technology, ZVS ZCS has become the mainstream technology of switching power supply, and greatly improve the work efficiency of the switching power supply. For the high reliability, switching power supply manufacturers American by lowering the operating current, reduce thejunction temperature and other measures to reduce the stress of the devices, greatly improving the reliability of the product.

Modularity is the general trend of the development of switching power supply, can adopt modular power distributed power systems, can be designed into N + 1redundant power supply system, and realize the capacity expansion parallel. Theswitching power supply operating noise this shortcoming, if the individual pursuit of its high-frequency noise will increase, and use of the resonance conversion circuit technology, achieve the high-frequency noise can be reduced in theory, but theapplication part of resonant conversion technology still have a technical problem, so it still need to carry out a lot of work in this field, in order to make the technology topractical.